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These are the characters who are officially participating in this years Galaxy Wars Tournament.
Nascele is the main character. She is an earthling and is fighting in the tournament for Team Earth. She grew up with Kara in an orphanage. She possesses strange powers and is used to being an outcast because of them. She and Kara have always loved the tournament and fighting since they met a past fighter from the tournament. She is hard to get along with.
Kara is fighting in the tournament as part of Team Earth. Through strenuous training she has gained incredible strength comparable to those on Jupiter. She grew up with Nascele in an orphanage. Unlike Nascele she is very easy to get along with and sociable. However she has only kept Nascele as her friend. After winning the preliminaries she is stabbed and almost dies. She is saved by a cell alteration procedure but exhibits cat-like side effects afterwards.
These are the characters who are not participating in this years Galaxy Wars Tournament.
Tole is a wandering fighter. He is a loner and seems to be hated by most that he meets. He is an earthling and although very strong, he did not tryout for the Galaxy Wars Tournament. This was because he has no one to pair up with. He is the one who stabbed Kara but finding that he was possessed at the time, Kara quickly forgives him. He also seems to have some interest in Nascele.
Sefia along with Browner tried out for the Galaxy Wars tournament. Their first fight was against Kara and Nascele so they lost. Most people (readers) rooted for them over the main characters. Besides fighting Sefia likes to dance and can be seen as a backup dancer in many popular artists' music videos. Her dream is to become famous by any means.
Along with Sefia, Browner tried out for the Galaxy Wars tournament. He has always loved Sefia but is too shy to ask her out. He is very fast and strong but he is not the brightest. He likes to cook but he is not very good at it.
Mitchy is the guy on the first page. He works at Mider Clinic as a receptionist/nurse. Privately owned clinics became very popular years ago because of the advancements in medicine and increase in sicknesses. However currently they are not needed as much. He likes designing things and advertising but can't bring himself to leave the clinic since he has many happy memories there.
Dr. Fonlou
Dr. Fonlou opened up his own clinic called Mider Clinic. Though he is a very talented doctor he refuses to shut down the clinic even though there is no longer a need for them. He feels the need for small clinics will soon rise again as they continue to perform alternative practices He believes his practices will lead to the advancement of medicine. Though it seems he truly wants to help people he probably just wants money.