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A conspiracy is occurring to the members of the famous fighting tournament that takes place all throughout the galaxy, the Galaxy Wars. Just what is happening to the fighters of this competition? Interested in seeing more online comics?Visit: - www.onlinecomics.net - An Online Comics search directory. -www.neggie.com - To see other comics by me!


Maybe. I don't really know. Anywho, I'm updating. Page 15 is up and the rest should be up soon. Like in minutes. I'm not even going to bother to explain my absence.

Chapter 03

In a pathetic attempt to get me into some sort of daily drawing mode I've decided to upload all the way till issue 3 so I could start drawing it again.

At least back in the DD days I drew daily for this thing (for at least a week) So I will try once again.

Watch as I don't update until next year!


I kept uploading in hopes that I would find a good page and could leave it on that for day. Then I looked through my finished pages and realized I don't have a good page *cries*. I'll just go back to daily updates to give me time to draw more pages. Maybe I can stay like two issues ahead. *knows that's not gonna happen*

Just joined.

Hi. I just joined. I'm trying to move my comic over since Drunk Duck is gone but is there an easier way than uploading one page at a time? I don't like how it lists my comic as the most recent strips. It would seem like I'm trying to take over this webpage. I'm tempted to just have it upload the pages over the next few months and make it seem like I have daily updates....hmm.

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